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Evie Hoop Earrings

Evie Hoop Earrings

Introducing our fully customizable {and totally adorable} Evie Hoops! You can mix and match ANY Evie stamp--we’re talking any tiny arial letter, symbol, or birth flower. Still have questions, or looking for ideas? Read on for all the details!

What sizes are available?

Each earring is a tiny 1/4" Evie disc suspended on a 16mm hoop.

Is it available in silver/rose gold?

Yes! The Evie Hoops come in gold, silver, and rose gold to match the rest of your MBM collection.

Do they layer well with other earrings?

We are firm believers that when it comes to hoops, the more the merrier! Pair them with our Maude Hoops for a bolder look, or a pair of Solid Gold studs for something a bit more simple.

Are they sold as a pair or individually?

The Evie Hoops will be sold as a pair, but each one can be customized individually! You can pick any two Evie symbols {there are over 20 to choose from}, tiny birth flowers, or 1.5mm tiny arial letters. We love the moon & stars with a sun, two meaningful birth flowers, or loved ones initials if you are looking for a place to start. We want these earrings to represent YOU!


Where can I find the available symbols?

Each hand-drawn Evie symbol can be found here. The possibilities are endless!

Can I wear them 24/7?

Although the closure is the same as our Live In Hoop earrings, we don't recommend the Evie Hoops for constant wear. Treat these little beauties with the same care you do your other MBM pieces!

Your story is completely unique...and your earrings should be too.

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