Explore high-quality pieces for everyday wear that represent all of life’s moments.

Best Sellers

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Poppy Choker Necklace
Live In Hoop Earrings
Poppy Ring
Birth Flower Necklace - 1/2"
Love Disc Necklace
Satellite Choker Necklace

New Arrivals

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Mama Charm
Rainbow Charm
Link Lock Add-On
Sweetheart Ring
Sweetheart Stud Earrings
ILY Stud Earrings

Ready To Ship

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Tuxedo Eternity Band Ring
Tuxedo Stud Earrings
Confetti Eternity Band Ring
CZ Split Hoop Earrings
Champagne Stud Earrings
CZ Enamel Ring

Hand-Stamped Jewelry

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Evie Charm Stacker Disc Necklace
Zola Disc Necklace
Initial Disc Necklace - 3/8"
Love Disc Necklace
Nora Disc Necklace | 5/8" + 1/2" discs
Mini Zola Disc Necklace | 1/2" Disc
Enamel Star Stud Earrings | Final Sale
Good Vibes Stacking Ring | Final Sale
Thin Hera Chain Anklet - 1.9mm | Final Sale
Stonehenge Ring - 3.5mm | Final Sale
Stonehenge Ring - 7.0mm | Final Sale
Stonehenge Hoop Earrings | Final Sale

The Poppy Collection

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CZ Poppy Hoop Earrings
CZ Poppy Ring
CZ Poppy Set
Poppy Hoop Earrings
Poppy Circlet Earrings
Poppy Bar Stud Earrings

Bridal Collection

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Luxe Stacking Band Ring
Luxe Hoop Earrings
Luxe Pear Shaped Stud Earrings
Luxe 3-prong Stud Earrings
10mm Luxe Hoop & Stacking Band Set
15mm Luxe Hoop & Stacking Band Set

Community Causes

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Cancer Awareness Necklace
Pause Collection - 5/8"
Semicolon Disc Necklace - 1/2"
Power Word Disc Necklace- 3/4"
Pride Ring
Cross Charm

Moments and Milestones

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Mini Birth Flower Stacker Necklace | 1/4" Disc
Birth Flower Necklace - 1/2"
Birth Flower Stacker Necklace | 1/2" Disc
Amara Customized Ring
Birthstone Stacking Band Ring
Mini Bar Birth Flower Bracelet