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Your March 2023 Update

Your March 2023 Update
Flower: Cherry Blossom {gratitude}
Gratitude is the highest vibration.
March babies, listen up! Your birth flower is the cherry blossom, and it's all about gratitude and appreciation. That's right, taking a moment to be grateful for all the good in your life is the highest vibration, and the cherry blossoms are here to remind you to do just that. So spread that positivity and kindness wherever you go, and let those pink petals inspire you.
Birthstone: Aquamarine {tranquility and clarity}
Find clarity in the unknown.
March's gem is the aquamarine and is a symbol of tranquility and clarity. With its cool blue-green color, this stone is here to help you find that inner peace and understanding, even when things get crazy. So when life throws you a curveball, trust your intuition and let the aquamarine guide you through those unknown paths. March babies, you got this!
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