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Sweet December 🦋

Sweet December 🦋

As the days grow shorter and a chill permeates the air, December arrives with a flourish of festivity, wrapping the world in a sparkling embrace of holiday magic. This enchanting month holds a special place in our hearts, marked by joyous celebrations, cherished traditions, and a sense of togetherness that warms even the coldest winter nights.

December Motto: Find equilibrium in your life.

And here's what's so beautiful about you....

December Birthstone: 

Turquoise a popular choice in jewelry, believed to bring good fortune, positive energy, and a sense of calm to those born in the month of December. Whether set in rings, necklaces, or earrings, Turquoise is a timeless gem that not only adorns but also carries with it the echoes of ancient traditions and a timeless allure.

December Birth Flower: 

Holly, the distinguished birth flower for those born in December, emerges as a symbol of both festive cheer and enduring strength. With its vibrant evergreen leaves and bright red berries, holly has long been associated with the holiday season, adorning homes and festivities with its timeless beauty. Beyond its decorative appeal, holly carries deeper symbolic meanings, representing hope, goodwill, and protection. In folklore, holly was believed to ward off evil spirits and bring good fortune. The contrasting pairing of its prickly leaves and luscious berries mirrors life's dichotomies, embodying the resilience required to navigate challenges while finding joy in the midst of adversity.


December Backgrounds  

Celebrate December's best moments with a few of our original (and free!) background designs, linked below:

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