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Our Favorite Galentine's Night Ideas

Our Favorite Galentine's Night Ideas

Love day is right around the corner and we are all about the gal pal vibes this Valentine’s Day. A girl’s night in with your besties is the the perfect break for the still-in-winter blues. Here are a few of our favorite ideas for the perfect Galentine's evening!

Movie Night

A tried and true tradition, you cannot go wrong with a girl’s night and chick flick. Grab the popcorn + nerd gummy clusters {IFKYK right?} and snuggle up for all the cheesy lines. Not sure what to put on? Personally, we’d go for a classic like You’ve Got Mail. In the mood for tears? Try About Time– and grab a tissue! Looking for laughs? We love How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. {Start your show at the same time + doordash a favorite treat for girlfriends that can’t be in person!}

DIY Nail Salon

Nothing screams “girls’ night” like chatting and doing each other’s nails! Brings us back to middle school late nights…pillow talk and prank calling your crush {only now we are Instagram stalking them}. Pop over to IG to browse some of our favorite nail inpso, or follow these cute DIY ideas

Rate Local Goodies

Crawl through the city in search of the best version of your favorite dessert. Cheesecake, donuts, even a milkshake! Find the same confection at as many restaurants as you want– the more the merrier!– and rank them afterwards. Get all dolled up before going out to make it a night to remember! We adore a Hera Chain or Lace Lariat to zhuzh up an outfit.

Vision Boarding

This year, we are leaning hard into self-care as self-love. And what is more romantic than imagining your own future? Grab a stack of old magazines, crank up the Taylor Swift, and manifest those dreams girlfriend! {Keeping your distance this year? Set up a zoom call to feel together even when apart, and turn on the same playlist to set the mood!}

No matter what this year looks like for you, we hope you feel the love + connection we are sending your way.