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Jump Into June

Jump Into June

This month, you'll just wanna stay in that lavender haze of June's birthstone. Pair it with the freshly picked finish of this month's roses for the ultimate summer style.

Motto: Love always wins

Flower: Rose {love}

Who doesn't love roses? These gorgeous blooms have been synonymous with love for as long as we can remember. Even the ancient Greeks and Romans believed that roses were the ultimate symbol of affection. And it's not just about romance!! Roses are often exchanged between friends to express gratitude, admiration, or to celebrate milestones and achievements. And don't forget, gifting yourself a rose serves as a reminder of the importance of self-care.
Birthstone: Lavender {resilience}
June's gem is the lavender and is a symbol of resilience. With its pale purple color, this stone is here to help you find that inner strength and endurance, even when things get tough. So when life throws you a curveball, trust yourself and let the lavender guide you through those unknown paths. June babies, you got this!
June Desktop Backgrounds
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