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From August with Love

From August with Love

Fill your August days with the bright greens of the prosperous Peridot Birthstone and the dreamy wanderlust of the Poppy Birth Flower and show off the prettiest shades of summer.

August Motto

She didn’t live her life in black and white; she lived her life in color.

August Birthstone

August's gemstone, the radiant peridot, exudes a sense of prosperity and abundance. With its sparkling green brilliance, this gem is a symbol of growth and success. The peridot encourages individuals to cultivate their ambitions and represents the opportunities and rewards for hard work and dedication. August babes: Embrace the gem's optimistic charm and invite spontaneity into your everyday moments.

August Birth Flower

The poppy, with its captivating allure, carries profound symbolism. This exquisite flower represents not only beauty but also resilience and hope. As a symbol of remembrance, poppies honor the sacrifices of those who have served in armed conflict, honoring their courage and dedication. The poppy also serves as a reminder to dream big; because beauty and strength can bloom even in the toughest times. Cherish memories and embrace potential with this freshly picked floral.

August Backgrounds

Celebrate August’s best moments with a few of our original (and free!) background designs, linked below:

August 2023 calendar

Click here to download

August Striped Background

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August never forget how wildly capable you are

Click here to download