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Discovering July’s Gems

Discovering July’s Gems

The month of July features the deep red ruby gem for strength and the boldly bloomed lotus for resilience. Pair this stunning duo with your personal style for a sublime summertime glow.

Motto: You are closer than you were yesterday.

Birthstone: Ruby {strength}

July's gemstone, the fiery ruby, embodies an unwavering strength that ignites passion and determination. With its vibrant hue, this gem serves as a powerful reminder to persevere in the face of challenges. It symbolizes the ability to overcome obstacles, offering a beacon of hope during difficult times. July babies: embrace the ruby's innate energy and take hold of that inspiration to face the future with confidence!
Flower: Lotus {resilience}
The lotus, with its enchanting beauty, holds deep significance to many. The lotus symbolizes purity and spiritual enlightenment in many cultures. Its unique ability to grow from muddy waters and blossom into a magnificent flower represents resilience and transformation. Gifting a lotus encourages self-reflection and gives the reminder that the pursuit of inner harmony may be a little muddy at times, but something beautiful is just waiting to bloom.
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