Bring your story to life.

Stacked to the max or styled solo, these charms are completely customizable and made to match your mood, motivate your mind, or meet your moment— all with the charming click of a lockable link.

how to add charms:

Follow the steps below and watch this video to see the link lock in action!

1. Pop open the link lock by gently pulling up on the small tab.

2. Remove the chain link that is on the non-hinge side from the lock (it should slide off easily!)

3. Add your charms one by one, ensuring they are all facing the same direction.

4. Carefully slide the end link of your chain back onto the non-hinge side, and click the hinge closed to secure.

Dragonfly Gemstone Charm
Hummingbird Gemstone Charm
Butterfly Gemstone Charm
Daisy Charm
Mama Charm
CZ Heart Charm
Cross Charm
Mushroom Charm
Butterfly Charm
Initial A Charm
Rolo Charm Bracelet
Rolo Charm Necklace
Jude Charm Bracelet
CZ Link Lock Add-On
Jude Charm Necklace
Lace Choker Necklace
Figaro Chain Necklace
CZ Star Charm
CZ Dog Tag Charm
Snake Charm
Heart Link Lock Add-On
Satellite Chain
CZ Poppy Cross Charm
Pear CZ Charm
Number 1 Charm
Number 2 Charm
Number 3 Charm
Number 4 Charm
Number 5 Charm
Number 6 Charm
Number 7 Charm
Number 8 Charm
Number 9 Charm
Number 0 Charm
Initial B Charm
Initial C Charm
Initial D Charm
Initial E Charm
Initial F Charm
Initial G Charm
Initial H Charm
Initial I Charm
Initial J Charm
Initial K Charm
Initial L Charm
Initial M Charm
Initial N Charm
Initial O Charm
Initial P Charm
Initial Q Charm


What do I need to get my charm collection started?

We recommend starting with a link lock necklace or a link lock bracelet, then choosing a charm or two to add. You can grow your collection from there at your own pace!

How is a link lock chain different from a regular chain?

The link lock chain has the typical lobster clasp of our other chains, but also features a link lock in the center that opens and closes on a hinge so you can easily customize your charm stack, even while you’re wearing it.

Can I still add the charms to my regular chain?

While the link lock chain is ideal for stacking charms, they can also be added to your regular MBM chain.

{Pro Tip: We love charms styled with the Figaro and Serpentine Chains}

Can any of the Ready To Ship MBM pendants be added to the link lock?

We’re so glad you asked- yes!! Any of the pieces in our Charm Collection are compatible with the link lock.

Can my personalized pieces be added to the link lock?

Because each of our custom pieces are handmade and unique, we can't guarantee that they will fit on the link lock.

How many charms can fit on the link lock?

While the ideal number of charms depends on the designs you choose and your own personal preference, we recommend wearing 3 at a time. But when it comes to creating your own Charm Collection, the limit doesn’t exist.

How do I care for my charms?

You can maintain the luster of your charms by cleaning them with mild soap and water to remove everyday dirt and oil and pat dry.

Restore shine with jewelry cleaner and a polishing cloth and when not in use, store your charms in a dark, low-humidity area.