Present-Perfect Disc Necklace- 5/8"

$58.00 USD

Present-Perfect Disc Necklace- 5/8"

$58.00 USD
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With to-do lists a mile long, the beauty of the present moment can often get lost. Our Pause Collection, featuring five different prompts, is a token to take with you to give yourself those tiny moments to pause and practice mindfulness. Whether you need a reminder to breathe, to choose happiness in moments where it may be hard to find, a reminder that our faith in good, in ourselves, and in a higher power is greater than fear - lean into the token that calls to you.

Our present doesn't have to (and often won't be) perfect to be beautiful. Allow your racing thoughts to return to this moment, breathe, and reconnect to your positive Intentions- then step back into your day calm and renewed.


Colors - Gold, Silver, Rose Gold
Disc Size - 5/8"
Finish - Shiny
Chain Length - 16"-18" or 20"-22"

*This piece comes on our new adjustable chain and features an upgraded lobster clasp.*


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