Shipping Protection

Navidium Shipping Protection

Navidium is Shipping Insurance Protection that, when added to your order, protects your order against loss, theft, or any damage during transit.

If you purchased Navidium Shipping Protection with your order and your package was damaged, lost, or stolen, follow the instructions below to place a reorder. 

You can file a claim here or by emailing our customer support team at [email protected]. Please provide the following information: first/last name on the order, order number, shipping address, and any additional information you find helpful.

Commonly asked questions about Navidium Shipping Protection:

If I purchase without Navidium Shipping Protection will you cover my order in case of loss, theft or damage?

  • No, by opting out of shipping protection, Made by Mary is exempt of liability in case of loss, theft or damage and is not responsible for reshipping your package or providing a refund.

I didn’t want Navidium Shipping Protection on my order. Can you refund me?

  • Navidium Shipping Protection is final sale and cannot be refunded.

I think my order is lost; there hasn’t been an update in a few days. Can I submit a claim?

  • We reserve the right to classify your package as being delayed and may wait 7-14 days for an update if there are known delays due to weather, holidays, etc that may be out of our control.

*Our team may ask for additional information regarding your order to confirm the validity of your claim. They also reserve the right to deny a claim if found to be fraudulent. 

  • Chains Replacement: If your chain breaks, we offer Bar and Disc Replacement Chains. Follow the product listing instructions for further information.

For all other repairs, please see our FAQ for more information or reach out to us at [email protected].