Necklace Layering Hack

here's a quick tip!

Fact: nobody likes it when their necklaces tangle throughout the day. Here’s a hack we’ve been testing out and we think it’s going to change your life.

Birth Flower Necklace - 1/2"
Sweetheart Initial Necklace
Poppy Choker Necklace
Jude Link Lock Necklace
Everbloom Birth Flower Necklace
Floating Pearl Necklace
Lace Lariat Necklace
Crescent Pearl Necklace
Mini Sweetheart Stacker Necklace
Pearl Choker Necklace
Birth Flower Necklace - 1/4"
Luxe Solitaire Necklace
Evie Charm Stacker Disc Necklace
Birth Flower Necklace - 1/4"
Birth Flower Necklace - 1/2"
Love Disc Necklace
Mama Disc Necklace - 5/8"
Nora Disc Necklace | 5/8" + 1/2" discs
Initial Disc Necklace - 3/8"
Pause Collection - 5/8"
Mini Zola Disc Necklace | 1/2" Disc
Hammered Half Moon Disc Necklace
Mini Birth Flower Stacker Necklace | 1/4" Disc
Wild Blooms Mini Zola Disc Necklace
Jude Bar Necklace
Name Bar Necklace
Ray Bar Necklace
Mama & Co Bar Necklace
Everly Bar Necklace | 1.75" horizontal bar
Hammered Crescent Bar Necklace
Mini Hammered Crescent Bar Necklace
Lana Bar Necklace | 1.50" horizontal bar
Mini Bar Necklace | 1.0" horizontal bar
Mama Bar Necklace | 1.25" horizontal bar
Roman Numerals Bar Necklace | 1.50" horizontal bar
Skinny Vertical Bar Necklace
Lennon Rectangle Necklace
Zoe Rectangle Necklace
Mini Lennon Rectangle Necklace
Mini Lucky 7 Rectangle Necklace
Mini Zoe Rectangle Necklace
Good Vibes Stamp Necklace