Grit to Gold

"Our most difficult moments have the potential to become our most meaningful experiences. It takes a little grit and a lot of patience, but the end becomes a priceless part of our life’s story."

mary's story

Back in 2013, I was a new mom with a sweet little baby and an exhausting mix of postpartum depression, fatigue, and confusion about my purpose. In this time of uncertainty, I was drawn to the idea of creating jewelry to represent these pivotal moments in life -- from the triumphant to the tragic. I found immense joy in crafting heartfelt jewelry that allowed me to connect with countless women, hear their stories, celebrate their joys, and offer comfort during their heartbreaks.

Birth Flower Stacker Necklace | 3/8" Disc
Mini Oval Disc Necklace
Mini Oval Bracelet
Custom Luster Rounded Cuff Bracelet
Custom Luster Cigar Band Ring
July Birth Flower Necklace
Sweetheart Stud Earrings
Sweetheart Ring
Evie Charm Stacker Disc Necklace
Zola Disc Necklace
Initial Disc Necklace - 3/8"
Love Disc Necklace
Nora Disc Necklace | 5/8" + 1/2" discs
Mini Zola Disc Necklace | 1/2" Disc
Mini Birth Flower Stacker Necklace | 1/4" Disc
Horizontal Bar Necklace
Ray Bar Necklace
Initial Disc Necklace - 1/4"
Hammered Half Moon Disc Necklace
Family Florals Oval Necklace
Initial Disc Necklace - 1/2"
Amara Customized Ring
Wild Blooms Mini Zola Disc Necklace
Miss to Mrs. Set
Mama & Co Bar Necklace
Birth Flower Stacker Necklace | 1/2" Disc
Grandma Disc Necklace - 5/8"
Everly Horizontal Bar Necklace | 1.75" horizontal bar
State Disc Necklace- 1/2"
Evie Hoop Earrings
Lennon Rectangle Necklace
Mama Disc Necklace - 5/8"
Mini Bar Bracelet | 1.0" horizontal bar
Big & Little Blooms Necklace | 1/2" & 1/4" Disc
Disc Bracelet | 1/2" Disc
Heart Disc Necklace - 3/8"
Big & Little Disc Necklace | 3/8" & 1/2" Discs
Grounded Disc Necklace- 3/8"
Mini Bar Birth Flower Bracelet | 1" Skinny Bar
Luster Cigar Band Ring
Petite Pearl Ring
Maude Hoop Earrings
April Birthstone Stacking Ring
Jude Charm Necklace
Butterfly Charm
April Birthstone Charm
CZ Mini Bar Stud Earrings
Pearl Bubble Ring