Care & Cleaning

3 tips for jewelry care

We want your Made by Mary jewelry to last. Here’s a few cleaning and care tips and tricks we recommend:

1. last on, first off

Jewelry is the last thing to put on for the day and the first to remove at the end of the day. By doing so, you limit the exposure to lotions, perfumes, hairspray, makeup, etc.

2. remove before activities

We recommend removing your Made By Mary pieces before activities that tend to come into contact with chemicals, like swimming, cleaning, gardening, and exercising, to name a few.

3. clean regularly

Our liquid Jewelry Cleaner is safe for daily use, so you can bring back that "love at first sight" feeling and fall for your favorite Made by Mary pieces all over again.


Restore Jewelry Cleaner
Restore Jewelry Cleaner
Restore Jewelry Cleaner
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Restore Jewelry Cleaner
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