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Restore Jewelry Cleaner: How-To and FAQ

Restore Jewelry Cleaner: How-To and FAQ
This gentle cleansing duo will be your new jewelry BFF! From earrings to anklets, the Restore Cleanser can do it all! We've spent months perfecting it and cannot wait to give your favorite MBM pieces that "love at first sight" feeling again.

How To Use:

Jewelry Cleaner:

1. Place one piece of jewelry at a time in the dip tray and lower it into the cleaning solution. Leave it in for up to two minutes.

2. Remove the dip tray from the container, allowing the solution to drain back into the container.

3. If needed, use the small brush {included in your kit} to remove any buildup and reach small crevices.

4. Rinse carefully with water. {Pro tip– make sure your drain is closed prior to rinsing!}

5. Gently pat jewelry dry with a lint free cloth. Repeat the process as needed.

6. Once cleaned and dried, use the soft outer polishing cloth to restore shine.

Polishing Cloth:

1. Use the inner white cloth to gently remove tarnish or discoloration on metal pieces. We don't recommend using this cloth on stones, pearls, etc.

2. Polish with the outer cloth for a lustrous finish. This outer cloth can be used on all jewelry.


Can I use it on all MBM metals?

Yep! Our cleansing solution is safe for gold filled, vermeil, sterling silver, etc. Both sections of the polishing cloth can also be used on all metals.

How long will it last? How many times can I use it?

The cleansing solution has a 1 year shelf life and is good for about 35 uses. This depends on the size and condition of the pieces being cleaned. Smaller pieces may allow for more uses, while larger or very dirty pieces might lessen the number of times the solution can be used. Be sure to use the dip tray and allow the solution to drain back into the container rather than pouring it into a separate container. 

Will it help with tarnishing? What about scratches?

This cleanser + polishing cloth will help with tarnishing! We've seen great results on all metal types. It will not get rid of deep scratches, substantial scuffing, or worn off metal plating {from inexpensive, fashion jewelry}.

Is it safe for diamonds, gemstones, etc?

Yes! This gentle cleanser is safe for stones. We do recommend using only the outer polishing cloth {not the inner portion} for gemstones, pearls, etc.

What are the ingredients?

You can see a full ingredient list and all other details about the Jewelry Cleaner HERE.