The Director of Marketing will oversee the brand marketing strategies and implementations across all channels of customer contact. Our focus is customer-centric, and our marketing goals are acquiring, engaging, and retaining customers through relationship building, development, and management. This position requires knowledge and expertise in customers: acquisition, retention, insight and CRM, digital engagement and marketing, social media engagement and marketing, and PR and communications. This position also requires a deep understanding of data research and analysis. The Director of Marketing will partner with our Creative Director, and support all creative touch-points of the brand to ensure brand consistency. This role will also work closely with the Brand Marketing Manager, as well as our Digital and Performance Marketing Manager. 
Marketing Management
Develop, implement, and facilitate annual 360 campaigns and non-traditional marketing concepts for MBM, including individual channel and market plans
  • Direct the activities of and supervise the marketing team
  • Provide leadership within the executive management team, with a focus on customer centricity and brand positioning
Customer Relationships (CRM)
  • ACQUISITION: Develop and direct strategies to meaningfully grow our customer base across all channels using a broad range of tactics: digital marketing, social, events and outreach, catalog prospecting, media exposure, etc. Supervise the analysis of our current customer data and any prospecting customer data to optimize customer base growth.
  • RETENTION: Develop and direct customer relevant contact strategies that optimize LTV of customers. Manage the communication pacing and distribution across all channels maintaining consistent touch-points. Strategize and implement reactivation strategies.
  • CRM: Improve and strengthen our MBM brand. Define the engagement as either a loyalty or membership program and develop the benefit base to support further and more meaningful engagement. Develop a tiered system that better rewards our top customer base, increases growth into our most productive tier, and encourages new customers to convert.
Analytics (Digital + Performance Marketing) 
  • Supervise the analytical mining of transactional intelligence to broaden the brand understanding of her behavior and suggest actionable strategies to increase her engagement with the brand. 
  • Working with internal and external partners, to understand and leverage insights across website analytics, back-end customer and purchase data, financial data, third-party and customer feedback data. 
  • Translate insights into strategic merchandising, product and marketing initiatives to build business cross channels.
Communications (Brand Marketing)
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Influence and help develop our social media outreach. Ensure we connect with her where, when, and how she is socially connecting. Optimize each channel for what it does best for the customer.
  • CONTENT MANAGEMENT: Direct our overall customer contact strategy. Maintain continuity across the brand channels and specify the messaging.
  • PR: Develop and direct our PR strategies to align with our company goals and messages.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Strong leadership, research and project management skills
• Knowledge of CRM software
• In-depth understanding of MBM’s current products and future concepts
• Ability to think creatively and innovatively
• Analytical skills to forecast and identify trends and challenges
• Familiarity with the latest trends, technologies and methodologies in graphic design, web design, production, etc.
• Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or equivalent
• Team collaboration and communication

Email a resume + the below answers to with "Director of Marketing - [NAME]" in the subject line. 

  1. What experiences or skills make you a good fit for our brand?
  2. Why are you excited to work for Made by Mary?
  3. How do you stay on top of trends within social (as it is ever evolving)?
  4. What are some brands you follow closely & look to for inspiration?
  5. If hired, when would you be available to start?