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How to Survive Social Distancing {according to your zodiac}

How to Survive Social Distancing {according to your zodiac}

We’re all in this together...this strange time of uncertainty, social distancing, and too many Zoom meetings. It's interesting to see how each of us are facing challenges unique to our personalities. How do we survive {and dare we say, thrive} through it? Let’s chat about some ideas!



Challenge: You can be impatient and require a lot of attention. 
Strategy: Channel your fire into connecting virtually with friends. Hold instagram AMAs or start a Zoom book club. {Check out Daring Greatly by Brene Brown, or Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan for a lighter read}. Try an at home workout and devote a space in your home to staying active. No goal is out of reach for you--set intentions for the week and adhere to a checklist each day to remind yourself just how much you are accomplishing.
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Challenge: As an earth sign you crave worldly pleasures and may feel disappointed they aren’t readily available. 
Strategy: Learn new recipes or join an online cooking class. Prioritize your mental health by scheduling plenty of walks and outdoor time {while staying safe}. Lean into small delights - a favorite show {we love New Girl if you’re looking for something new}, a unique chocolate, or taking a minute to watch the sunset.
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Challenge: You don’t like to spend too much time in one place and get bored easily.
Strategy: Start a marco polo thread with your friends to stay connected. Create a blog or podcast and share your voice to stay mentally stimulated. Leave space in your daily routine for spontaneity...grab takeout from a new place, switch up your work space {if you are wfh}, or try picking up a new language {free apps like Duolingo are a great place to start}!
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Challenge: You enjoy taking care of others and are sad to be away from loved ones.
Strategy: Create a gratitude practice to keep you grounded and present. Start a weekly support group of your closest gals to lift each other up. Send dinner to a friend {or two} for a long distance dinner party. Set aside time each day to send a quick text to let family and loved ones know they are on your mind. And remember, your compassion is a gift, but take care of yourself as well.
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Challenge: As a sun sign you crave the spotlight and enjoy a life full of glamour.
Strategy: Lean into your love for attention. Be bold in your work from home fashion choices to keep your creative mind active. Challenge yourself to create new outfit combinations from the lesser-worn items in your closet. Throw together a virtual fashion show to highlight your online purchases with friends. Your magnetic energy can be felt--even if it is just through a computer screen.
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Challenge: You are prone to becoming more isolated and distant.
Strategy: Create a list of positive mantras and tape them to your mirror. Remind yourself to get outside {while being safe}. Schedule video chats with loved ones to stay connected. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable--let people know how you’re feeling and give them a chance to check up on you. Stay connected on social media--instead of just scrolling, make a conscious effort to leave a comment or reply to a friend’s story.
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Challenge: Ruled by Venus, you miss social outings and the beautiful aesthetics of the outside world.
Strategy: Make playlists to share on your social media accounts. Indulge in a beauty ritual like a warm bath or face mask. Take time to create thoughtful and appealing spaces in your home...even if it just means rearranging the furniture. Lean into your talent for seeing the poetic side of life.
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Challenge: You’re prone to harsh self-criticism and doubt for the future.
Strategy: Download a meditation app to ground your emotions. Allow yourself to feel whatever emotions are there, remembering that each one is valid, and chat with a trusted friend when you need a sounding board. Take time each day to speak aloud a few positive mantras {consider using phrases from Alex Elle or Morgan Harper Nichols if you need a place to start}. 
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Challenge: You crave a lot of adventure and new horizons.
Strategy: Enroll in an online course that allows your mind to wander {check out this list of free options}. Ask a friend to join you so you can connect and share your enthusiasm. Give yourself freedom to explore a new hobby or research a new interest. Your knack for telling stories and ability to speak straight from the heart are needed--don’t be afraid to share your voice!
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Challenge: The slow pace of quarantine can make you feel directionless and unproductive.
Strategy: Make goals with an accountability partner. Make a vision board on Pinterest or cut out images from old magazines. Remember that productivity may look different during this unprecedented time. Give yourself grace and create reasonable goals for this current season. You thrive in stability, so working to stick to a routine can help you feel more grounded.
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Challenge: You want to solve the world’s problems but can get overwhelmed and want to give up.
Strategy: Work with friends or coworkers to arrange charitable efforts for a Covid-19 cause. Support a local business {if you are able} in your community. Offer to pick up groceries for an elderly neighbor {if it is safe for you to do so}. Remember that although you cannot fix everything, the differences you are making in your own circle are important and impactful. You tend to march to the beat of your own drum, so don’t be afraid to serve in a way that may not be traditional!
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Challenge: You’re empathetic + can get lost in the collective anxiety of the world.
Strategy: Create a calm, well lit space to ground yourself. Fill it with scented candles and cozy blankets. Remind yourself it’s ok to feel sad or scared during these uncertain times. When the anxiety feels too heavy, reach out! You aren’t alone {even when it feels like it} and you don’t need to fix everything yourself. Use your innate skills of emotional connection to deepen the valuable relationships with intentional phone calls, zoom chats, or a handwritten card.
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