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Graduation Gift Guide

Graduation Gift Guide
We know that graduation looks a little different for our seniors this year. They're having to finish their classes online, tune into Zoom grad parties, and move their tassels over from the convenience of their living rooms. Regardless of the circumstances, their journeys and accomplishments absolutely need to be celebrated! We’ve created this gift guide to help you commemorate the graduates in your life—whether they are finishing college, or just getting ready to start.
To our graduates closing an important chapter—YOU DID IT!! We are cheering you on and rooting from the sidelines as you take on this next life chapter.

State Disc Necklace: a reminder of the people, places, and moments that shaped us. We love this piece as a hometown memento for grads going away to college or the perfect way to commemorate their college state. A reminder that your heart will always be tied to the spaces where you spent years learning and growing.

Birth Flower Disc Necklace: for the month they were born, the month they graduated, or {our favorite of all} the meaning behind the bloom. We love the August poppy {a reminder of dreams, hopes, and desires for the future} or the April daisy {an emblem of fresh starts--perfect for starting a new venture}. Still unsure of which month to choose? Check out our Wild Blooms necklace --reminding your grad to bloom wherever they are planted. 

Poppy Choker: because every young grad needs a piece of jewelry that can go where she goes -  from first dates to job interviews to a girls night out. The Poppy is the perfect piece of minimalistic jewelry, to help take on challenges with class {and a bit of extra sparkle!} We love this choker for grads of any age, in any stage of life.

Meridian Ring: a symbol of starting and ending a season of life. This ring represents how all things in life eventually come full circle, even when we can’t see it. It is a reminder to be open to expansion and possibilities, allowing for appreciation of the unknown. 

Evie Disc Necklace: the perfect option for honoring the memories your grad wants to carry with them, while leaving space to collect more moments along the way. The combinations are endless...mountains to remind them of the peaks they have climbed, double hearts as an assurance that {no matter the distance} you will always be close, or a rainbow to signify the hope and light that will come at the end of any storm.
Live In Hoops: the perfect accessory for the girl that wants to do it all! This staple goes with every outfit and will carry students from a late night study sesh to early morning workouts to afternoon class. Anywhere you go, the Live In Hoops have your back.